About Bing

Working with Bing

One of the only fears I had when embarking on this project was using Bing for my searches at work.  I perform two types of searches regularly at my job: looking up authors and illustrators of science fiction and fantasy as part… Read More ›

The main page

One of the first differences you will notice between Bing and Google is their main search page.  Google is always very plain, with either the primary-colored Google logo above the search bar, or one of the much-loved “Doodles.”  Doodles are… Read More ›

What does Bing mean?

What does ‘Bing’ even mean? Because it’s not Google?  A tribute to Bing Crosby?  Someone at Microsoft has a penchant for cherries? It’s none of those.  Microsoft’s search engine product started humbly in in 1998 as MSN Search, and it combined… Read More ›