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  • Hello from CLA!

    My project was accepted as a poster session for the California Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference for 2013!  I will be presenting the poster at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center on November 5. If you’re here because you… Read More ›

  • My Research Data

    To access the worksheets of all my research data, please download the following Excel file: Research precision and recall This data is pretty raw, but it does contain more interesting statistics than those included in the recal and precision results. … Read More ›

  • Research Conclusions

    Having said that both Bing and Google are excellent search engines in terms of their precision, and proving that they both retrieve a large number of results for every query, you may be wondering what conclusions I have drawn about… Read More ›

  • More Research: Precision

    Now that we’ve seen how little relative recall tells us about the merits of a search engine, let’s move on to something that is an excellent measure of search engine effectiveness: precision. Precision is the number of relevant results retrieved… Read More ›

  • More Research: Relative Recall

    It has been a while since I posted about my continuing research, being a librarian can get rather busy!  Especially during the summer it would seem, when we have time to dust off old projects and get the ball rolling… Read More ›

  • Search Terms: Mine vs. Theirs

    I mentioned in a previous post that I duplicated the research conducted in the Usmani et al. article: Usmani, T., Pant, D., Bhatt, A. K. (2012). A comparative study of Google and Bing search engines in context of precision and relative recall… Read More ›

  • Continuing the Research

    Once my month with Bing was finished, I decided I wanted to do something more.  But what? I had the wonderful idea to re-create the analysis of precicion and recall of Bing and Google that was featured in the Usmani… Read More ›