About Me

My name is Carla Arbagey and I am the digital resources and acquisitions librarian at the University of California, Riverside.  I manage the UCR Libraries‘ e-books, e-journals, and online databases, and I’m a selector in the fields of philosophy and classical studies.  I also catalog books for our Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy, staff the reference desk, and manage the staff of the acquisitions unit.  I received a BA & MA in Art History from UCR, and a MLIS from San Jose State University.

My professional interests include cataloging & metadata standards (especially RDA), workflow in the library environment, copyright & licensing issues, and of course, online searching.  My personal interests include hiking, crafting, reading, fun with nail polish, cooking, and of course, online searching.

At work, I perform a good deal of information retrieval (that’s the fancy term us librarians use for searching) to accomplish tasks.  For cataloging, I often need to look up an author’s nationality.  For government documents, I regularly search for updated links to our online resources.  At home, I search for anything and everything, although a lot of my searching involves fact-checking or getting more information about something that’s caught my eye on TV or another website.

If you’d like to connect with me, check out my Facebook page.

If you’re interested in my Southern California Hiking Page, visit The Squirrel on the Trail.


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