Research Conclusions

Having said that both Bing and Google are excellent search engines in terms of their precision, and proving that they both retrieve a large number of results for every query, you may be wondering what conclusions I have drawn about my research.  Further, having proven that the two are pretty much the same in the quality and quantity of results, what was the point of it all?

The point is that I learned how important it is to have a large arsenal of search engine weapons at your disposal.  Before I began this project, I had only used Bing a few times; Google was definitely my go-to search engine.  As a librarian, I know that when one search doesn’t work, try again.  Try different terms, a different database, search subjects instead of keywords.  I realized that I had not been doing this with my internet searching.  So now, I use Bing and Google.  If I can’t find what I want easily on one, I will check the other.

Even though I use both, Bing is now my go-to search engine.  As I have said before, I like the beautiful backgrounds that change daily, and I like racking up my reward points.  I also like knowing for sure, after conducting this research, that by using Bing I am not missing out on anything from Google.


Categories: Getting rid of Google, Research

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