Working with Bing

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

One of the only fears I had when embarking on this project was using Bing for my searches at work.  I perform two types of searches regularly at my job: looking up authors and illustrators of science fiction and fantasy as part of my cataloging work for UCR’s Eaton Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy, and looking for online resources from our catalog that have changed their URL.

Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

For my Eaton Collection cataloging, I take care of cataloging anthologies of works – things like “The Best Science Fiction of the Year, 2012” or “Best Supernatural Romance Stories by Women,” and the like.  In order to classify these correctly using Library of Congress call numbers, I have to figure out if the authors are mostly American, English, Canadian, some other nationality, or a mix.  For example, if most of the authors are American, it will be classified as PS, for English, PR.  So what I end up doing is using Google to find the Wikipedia articles about these authors.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov

The second type of search happens when I am updating our library’s electronic resources, especially government publications.  As you can imagine, links are always changing and government agencies change their organization, so I get a monthly report of links from our catalog that are no longer working.  My job is to try and search for an updated link, so I usually just copy & paste the title into a Google search.

I was a bit apprehensive about all of this when starting to use Bing.  I wondered if the results would be accurate, would they be quick, and would they be useful.  For the most part, Bing and Google function just the same.  I was able to find the results I needed, usually the first link listed, without any trouble.  My only complaint is that with Bing, it didn’t return results while I was typing like Google does.  I had to keep hitting ‘enter’ to see the results, and when you have wrist and shoulder problems like I do, avoiding extra keystrokes is a plus.  So, Google wins by a very narrow margin when it comes to my work needs.


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