Go Bing yourself

Have you ever Googled yourself?  How about Bing?  Have you ever Binged yourself?

The Who, 1978 album Who Are You?

The Who, 1978 album Who Are You?

According to college instructors, guidance counselors, news articles, Dr. Phil, and plenty of other advice-givers, employers are always checking up on your online persona.  They are checking your Facebook, they’re Googling you, and worst of all…they’re using it against you!  So if you haven’t ever Googled or Binged yourself, give it a try, and see what others see.

I did, and both search engines give just about the same results: links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, UC Riverside (where I work) and Internet White Pages.  I don’t have a very common name or a huge internet presence, so the results weren’t numerous.  This blog even shows up!

I decided that I like the Bing results better.  As with other Bing searches, social media results were in the column on the right, and they give a really good snapshot of who I am.  Google doesn’t have this.  I think the closest thing to this you could find on Google is the image search.  The image search contains a lot of images unrelated to me, but which I have either posted on Etsy or Facebook, plus an excess of images that have absolutely nothing to do with me.


Another reason I like the Bing results is that I found out about a new feature, which Microsoft’s Bing director Stephan Weitz says allows you to curate your results on Bing.  Known as Bing Tags, the application is run through Facebook and allows you to tag yourself on your Bing search results page.  Here’s a video that will explain more:

Video: Make a Good Search Impression with Bing’s Linked Pages

I gave it a try for a few of my results on Bing, and here’s how it looks:


I think it’s great; all of the links I feel are important appear at the top, but the “regular” search results also appear below this.  On Google, there is no easy way to control how your results look.  My advice is to not do anything and post it on the internet that you would not want on the front page of the newspaper, but at least with Bing, if you happen to have a wild past or slip up, there’s  a bit of control you can take over your search results.


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