Why bother?

Why bother with Bing?  Everyone uses Google, isn’t it good enough? 

Take the one less travelled by

Take the one less travelled by

This President’s Day, I was reflecting on the importance of having a two party (or more) system of government.  Choice is important.  I’m not here to debate the evils of the two party system, but I’ll say that it is better than a one party system.  Opposing political philosophies and how they play out in the way our nation is governed has been present throughout our nation’s history.  Being able to hear viewpoints differing from your own, and then having the privilege to vote on them, is one of the things that makes being a citizen United States citizen so great. 

My interest in and promotion of Bing during this month is in this same tradition.  What would our internet experience be like if there were only one search engine?  Picture for a moment an internet where you had no choice over what search engine you used – the power this engine could wield would be great.  It would have the power to control your search results, to ban websites, to eliminate competition.  The availability of more than one search engine means that we have a choice, and that the companies who own these search engines must compete for our business.  The focus is on improving user experience, facilitating access to good information, and making our lives better through technology. 

That’s why I’m even bothering with Bing.  The bloggers and tech writers may make fun of Bing and its users, but having competition and choice in the goods and services we receive is what makes products, including search engines, better.


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  1. It’s worth a try out. Having choices in life is good.


  1. Choices: is Google a monopoly? « My Month with Bing

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