Bing it On: Valentine’s Day edition

The Sick Rose by William Blake, from Songs of Experience, 1794

The Sick Rose by William Blake, from Songs of Experience, 1794


How do you stop your roses from getting sick?  In this Valentine’s Day edition of Bing it On, I search for answers (see my first round of Bing it On here).  It’s Valentine’s Day today, and lots of lovers will  be searching for something to make the day more special.  Here are my Bing it On searches:

  1. Online dating:Not much difference for either search engine, but I chose Google since it had local results and a wide variety of online dating services (not that I need them, being married, but I’m sure a  lot of people are looking for these today!)
  2. Engagement rings:

    A draw – they were both pretty much what you’d expect: the top results in Bing and Google is pictures with results from the shopping searches, followed by links to Robbins Brothers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Kay Jewelers, and so on.

  3. LoveAgain, results were very similar, with Wikipedia entries and various dictionary definitions.  I chose Google because it didn’t rank the image search as highly as Bing, which was great because images for “love” and other abstract concepts are not always relevant to the search.  Google also included links to Urban Dictionary, a page of quotes about love, and a relevant news link to an opinion piece called “Why it’s really possible to fall in love online.”  I liked the variety of results, and the appropriateness of the news article in light of the recent Manti Te’o controversy.
  4. Romantic restaurants

    The results were much different between the two search engines.  Google had many links to local restaurants, while Bing had links to lists of top romantic restaurants, mixed in with results from local restaurants.  I wondered if Google was giving me local results by customer reviews that mention the word romantic.  Bing returned results that weren’t reviews, but links to restaurant websites – so I might have missed local restaurants that do not have a website.  Further, the restaurant may just mention that they are romantic somewhere in their website, so it’s based on their opinion rather than reviews from customers.  I chose Google mostly because it sorted the results for me a bit better, and it returned results that were based on customer reviews.

  5. How to make roses last longerBoth had very similar results, but I chose Bing because it listed videos higher up than Google.  When it comes to how-to and DIY searches, video results are great!  Check out these tips from to take care of your Valentine’s Day bouquet.


The results?  Google 3, Bing 1, 1 draw.  Again, Google wins it!



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