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President Roosevelt conducting a Fireside Chat

On the day after President Obama’s State of the Union address, Bing has this to contribute:

Did you miss it

“Did you miss it?”

Well, I am sure a lot of citizens did. I liked Bing’s approach to help citizens stay informed with their website header. It calls attention to this important address, which many may have missed. Even better is the page you get when you click on “Go now:”

Bing Pulse

Not only does it have a video of the speech, but some really interesting graphs, links to Twitter feeds, and other social media links. The news links were present as well, and balanced, with articles from FoxNews and Huffington Post on the same page. Oddly enough, there is also a news meter that you can use to change the news articles you see, from far right to far left.

So, what does Google have to offer? Again, their approach is simpler:


It’s a link to a “State of the Union Fireside Hangout” brought to you by Google, and in the spirit of FDR’s fireside chats radio addresses. You can submit questions and vote on other user’s questions, then join the hangout on Google+ and YouTube. In this case, Google goes a step further from providing news, statistics, and opinions about the speech, to creating news, statistics, and opinions! Their hangout takes the speech even further, allowing users to react and pose questions that the president will answer. Instead of reading opinions and analysis, and searching for answers, attendees can get feedback right from the horse’s mouth. I think that’s pretty cool.

The two ways in which Bing and Google have reacted to the State of the Union are both informative and inspiring. If you were only using one search engine or the other, you might miss something valuable or insightful.


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