Bing it on!

When I navigated to Bing today, I got this pop-up, which I haven’t seen before:


Sure, I’ll try the challenge!  The challenge is this:


Interesting, and very reminiscent of the Cola Wars.  Here are the five searches I decided to try:

  1. My home address (I Binged the actual address)
  2. 2013 Oscar nominations
  3. Effectiveness of suicide prevention programs (this was a reserch topic I was helping a patron with today while at the reference desk)
  4. Christopher Jordan Dorner (he is prominent in the news today)
  5. Valentine’s Day gift finder

What does is show side-by-side your search results from both Bing and Google.  Neither column is labeled, so it can be difficult to tell which results are from Bing, and which are from Google.  After reviewing your results, you can click on your preferred set of results, or in the middle to indicate no preference.


  1. Both were fairly similar, with the top result being a map.  In this search, it was very easy to tell which results belonged to Bing and Google, since their maps have a different look.  I found that the Bing results were more varied, providing mostly links to real estate sites, but also links to public records.  Google was all real estate.
  2. Again, very similar, but the Bing search had news items about the 2013 Oscars listed at the top.  I preferred Google’s layout for this search: while both did list nominees for the top awards, Google’s looked more organized.
  3. Google’s top result was a link to scholarly articles on the topic, wow!  That was just what I needed, a true “Bing!” a-ha moment.  Too bad it was from Google.  Bing listed a suicide prevention “toolkit,” which was a 32-page PDF, as the top result.  Bing also had more .com websites, whereas Google had more .org and .gov links, which are much better results for researchers.
  4. Both sites listed news articles as the top result, and both also listed the time that they were published (1 hour ago, 3 hours ago).  The image search was also high on the list.  Both of these features were good for what is likely today’s most shocking news story in the USA, where the dangerous suspect is still at large.  I couldn’t decide which results I liked better for this search.
  5. Again, Bing had news about this topic, which I thought was weird, and certainly not the results anyone would want while trying to shop for the upcoming holiday.  Google’s results were much better, pointing me to sites like, Macy’s Gift Guide,’s gift finder, and Target’s gift finder.  Bing had more dubious results, such as a slideshow of perfect gifts, and multiple (read: repetitive) links to and

I was a bit surprised by this, because I was hoping that I would pick Bing over Google.  I will try the challenge again with different search terms in the future.

Meanwhile, you should give it a try at  It’s a good way to see the differences between both search engines, and a good way to give the competition a fair try.


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