The Project

For the month of February 2013, I will be using Bing as my search engine instead of Google.  I became interested in comparing the internet’s top two search engines after seeing this:

Click to see a larger image

Click to see a larger image

The image was orginally posted on Reddit by user naidim, and the captions added later.  It was quite shocking, but also thought provoking.  Is the job of a search engine to give you the results you want, or the results you need?  I think the answer is obvious in this situation, and Bing has responded to this viral image accoridngly.  See Josh Wolford’s article on WebProNews for more on this.

So, in the great tradition of blogging about doing something for a month, and the infamous Cola Wars of the 1980s, I’ll be all Bing all the way for the next 28 days.

Tell me what you think – do you use Bing at all?  Or are you all Google all the way?


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  1. I think most of us are open to seeing what Microsoft has to offer. It should be interesting to see what you find out/ I’ll do identical searches and share what I learn in my continued efforts on gun control.

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