How to de-Google your life

Screenshot of the Bing app for Android

Screenshot of the Bing app for Android

The first step in being able to use Bing for a month is to remove Google from my life.  It’s harder than you think, and it isn’t completely possible.  For example: I will be searching for documents as part of my duties as the digital resources librarian at UCR.  Many of the government and organization websites have a Google search embedded in their pages.  Limiting a search to a certain site would circumvent the Google search.  For example, searching “cancer” returns results exclusively from  Of course, this is too time-consuming for my work, and therefore, I cannot completely get rid of Google!

Here are some other things I have done to banish Google:

  1. Replace Google toolbar with Bing toolbar
  2. Delete Google from my history and popular sites list
  3. Download the Bing app for my cell phone and Kindle Fire.
  4. Learn more about Bing through research

I found out that the Bing app isn’t made for Kindle Fire, so unfortunately that’s out.  There are plenty of other ways Google is in my life, such as Google Play on my phone (which I had to use to download the Bing app), and Google Talk, which I use at work to communicate with colleagues.  For this project, I will be focusing on search engines, so the Bing conversion should be relatively complete, at least for searching.


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  1. Fascinating project. Will be curious to know what your final conclusion will be!


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